Past tenses

If we want to say that something happened or was happening before, we use past tenses.

Simple Progressive Perfect Perfect progressive
Positive sentence V2 was/were V-ing had V3 had been V-ing
Negative sentence Did not V was/were not V-ing had not V3 had not been V-ing
Questions Did S V

W did S V

was/were S V-ing

W was/were S V-ing

had S V3

W had S V3

had S been V-ing

W had S been V-ing

Keywords Yesterday, ago, 2 weeks ago, last week, a long time ago While, when, at 5 o’clock yesterday by the time, before, after, when (in the meanings “by the time; after”), before last week, by two o’clock yesterday for, since, how long, before, after

V – verb

W – interrogative word

S – subject

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