Future tenses

If we want to say that something will happen in future, or we sure or suppose that it will happen, we use future tenses.

Simple Progressive Perfect Perfect progressive
Positive sentence will V will be V-ing will have V3 will have been V-ing
Negative sentence will not V will not be V-ing will have not V3 will not have been V-ing
Questions will S V

W will S V

will S be V-ing

W will S be V-ing

will S have V3

W S have V3

will S have been V-ing

W will S have been V-ing

Keywords tomorrow, next week, soon at 5 o’clock tomorrow, at this time tomorrow
by the end of this year, by this time tomorrow,
in two years time, in August next year, in another
five months
for, by the time

V – verb

W – interrogative word

S – subject

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